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Date du début: 15 août 2014, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Association has the desire to welcome volunteers who want to work in an active and supportive in our activities aimed at cultural, social and educational fields . We have offered the opportunity to participate in integrating them into our activities to develop their skills, exchange their concerns and develop their skills within the field of cultural promotion and free, non-formal education and social time. We want to promote the expression of social commitment and awareness in our young Europeans through active participation. The volunteers have helped in the office of the Association in the center of Pontevedra and in places where the programmed activities are carried out , working in different areas: search public and private grants , communication and dissemination activities , support in organizing workshops, meetings and press conferences to promote the activities , support in the design, development and evaluation of activities (workshops , concerts, festivals , courses ....) and creating new project with their ideas and knowledge activities . Our work is aimed at a wide audience : children , youth, adults , people with special needs, etc. , which also guarantee the voluntary contact with the diverse local community. Our organization has experience in formal and non- formal education , ensuring the learning process of the volunteers , as well as previous experience in volunteers . Volunteering development is a team effort in which there have been different phases : organization, training, participation. Monitoring and evaluation have made continuous meetings for planning and volunteer support . To volunteer development , the methodology has been participatory action and socio-affective , promoting teamwork , consensus decision- making and cooperation among equals. Volunteering have last 10 months in which to perform their tasks in different sectors. The participating countries are: Hungary, Spain and Latvia.



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