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Design your Future
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Design your Future" is response to tackle the most imperative social problems, trough a young, dynamic and captivating tool: design. From 5th to 14th September 2014, 30 young people (between 18 to 25) plus 6 leaders will get together in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss social problems and create design-based social activism campaigns. To be able to do so, during this youth exchange, there will be sessions on creativity, design tools, project planning, communication, media and ethics, and much more. Participants will develop personal and professional competences to become social activists, while they also get to know Lisbon, its people and culture. This youth exchange aims to be an activity to share experiences regarding youth and social activism, where participants will develop their digital skills regarding Information and Communication Technologies in order to develop design-based activist campaigns. This activity, will raise young people’s awareness of the power of design as a tool for social change and stimulate high levels of social entrepreneurship within youngsters, taking advantage of the digital skills learned and the power of design as a tool. During the time they will spend in Portugal, the participants will have the opportunity to visit and learn with successful projects that use design as a tool for social intervention. Participants will also develop their sense of European citizenship and identity at the same time as they will be encouraged to act together for the same social purposes; The group of participants will come from Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary and during this days there will be sessions to get to know better each others' culture, to learn new languages, taste different food and drinks, discover curiosities about these countries, etc. The activities will raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts. From this youth exchange, we aim to create a network of young designers at European level, willing to develop mass social design-based projects. The youngsters with fewer opportunities participating in the youth exchange, will be then better prepared to undertake an active role in society and actively contribute to make it more aware of social problems and, as a result, more fair and inclusive. The project methodologies will include activities based on peer education and non-formal education:energizers;group dynamics;debates; simulation games; creativity workshop; fieldwork with video tools; presentation of creative work; intercultural activities and city trips.



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