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Design, Monitoring and Operation of Adaptive Networked Embedded Systems (DEMANES)
Date du début: 1 mai 2012, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Large scale societal challenges require large scale monitoring and control solutions. Technological developments will make it possible to design and build these large systems. A major obstacle in realizing these systems is the lack of a versatile methodology to design and implement adaptive monitoring and control systems taking into account intrinsic properties of system of systems (decentralization, dynamic requirements, continuous evolution and changing components).The goal of DEMANES is to provide component-based methods, framework and tools for development of runtime adaptive systems, making them capable of reacting to changes in themselves, in their environment (battery state, availability and throughput of the network connection, availability of external services, etc.) and in user needs (requirements).• to model the architecture and the operation of adaptive systems• to support the design process of such systems by providing simulation and evaluation environments and test-beds• to support the implementation of such system by providing services for self organization, reconfiguration and self optimization as parts of the execution environment• to verify and test adaptive systems• to monitor the internal and external operational conditions and manage adaptation at run time.In order to go beyond the state of the art DEMANES combines recent advances from systems and control engineering.The concept, methodology and tools developed in DEMANES will be validated and demonstrated in three use cases: smart urban transport, smart airport and smart home. To reach the ambitious goals of DEMANES in the spirit of the ARTEMIS programme a large consortium is necessary to cover the range of disciplines necessary. The partners in the DEMANES consortium are complementary in terms of technical competencies and organizational, business and market experience...APPROVED BY ARTEMIS-JU on 17-03-2015



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