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Design and Manufacturing of Baseline Low-Speed, Low-Sweep Wind Tunnel Model (EULOSAM)
Date du début: 1 juin 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EULOSAM project will deliver a large scale half-model to be tested in a pressurized low speed wind tunnel (WT). The model design will be performed under a previous CfP topic (JTI-CS-2010-3-SFWA-02-007), while Dassault Aviation will deliver a fuselage that has to be modified in order to fit the new laminar wing. The fuselage modifications must be designed in such a way that the fuselage can return to its original shape after the WT test campaign. The model will be composed by different parts, therefore, according to the requirements reported in the JTI-CS-2012-02-SFWA-02-029, special care will be dedicated to the surface refinement, to the leading edge slat waviness and model assembly avoiding step/gap. A control of gap and overlap for the flap and slat under representative loads for each configuration (Take-off & Landing) will be performed. In addition, the integration of the pressure instrumentation will be performed by minimizing the impact on the flow. The model will include:1 A left-hand side modular wing;2 A set of body-wing fairings to fit with the fuselage;3 A left hand side cross-shaped Horizontal Tail Plane (HTP) that fits with the former model HTP rootchord;4 A simplified main landing gear and its cavity.The project will contribute• in pushing forward the design of a future jet based on natural laminar flow technology increasing and strengthen the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry• to the need to improve the environmental impact of aircraft with regards to emissions.The project consortium consists of 3 Small Enterprises who already participated to European projects and have the technical skill and the ability to deliver as result the products before listed according to the JTI-CS-2012-02-SFWA-02-029 requirements. The personnel involved have significant experience in the areas of mechanical wing design, structural verification by FEM and wind tunnel model manufacturing.



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