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Date du début: 2 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 1 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since 40 years, our company “VALLET- CMA” showed our capacity to build models by taking into account the specific requirements of this type of activity.We always research innovation and appropriate technologies in our design.The standard design tool used at VALLET- CMA is CATIA V5 (Rev: 19 as required), utilizing the associated FEA package for all stress calculations.The manufacture of models for a “Cryogenic Wind Tunnel” requires higher surface quality requirements.We have a knowhow to obtain this surface quality required.(We manufactured similar models for the ETW wind tunnel)We will make best use of state of the art rapid manufacturing processes where appropriate, including the various additive layer manufacturing processes (laser deposition).These techniques present the opportunity to reduce model costs and lead times, with the added advantage of lower raw material usage and the associated reductions in energy usage and waste.VALLET - CMA actively work with partners outside of this CfP to develop model manufacturing techniques using these novel processes.Our priorities are:- The respect of surface quality requirements with different technologies (High speed cutting, electric discharge machining, chemical cutting, …)- An innovate design of the various leading edge components to be dependable, quick and faithful- Using innovative technologies (long drill EDM) for the integration of the standard pressure sensors without perturbations of external forms.In the particular context of this project, the implementation of a large number of pressure probes should not disturb the surface quality. To this end, we can combine multiple technologies in innovative ways:Drilling deep-EDM allows small diameter (1mm) to great depths with a very high quality of rectitude. This will come as close as the thin zones (trailing edge) to create paths for the transfer of internal pressure information. (Cables, tubes)