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Desarrollo y paz. Un camino sostenible de futuro
Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 3 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Development and Peace. A sustainable way forward will be held in the SCI in Barcelona, and Adela association in Valls. SCI Catalunya is an organization that promotes the culture of peace and social justice through volunteering, training and cooperation. SCI networked, locally and internationally, to promote youth participation in international volunteer projects short- and long lasting. Among our areas of work is promoting volunteerism as a tool for peace education through different teaching methodologies as labor camps, youth exchanges, courses and international and local seminars. Adela Association Local Desenvolupament pel i Alternatiu, is a non profit organization that was created to develop the draft Can Pipirimosca, permaculture farm and rural social center. Its main objective is to promote a sustainable way of life and respectful with the environment. The overall objective is to promote international volunteering as a participatory tool towards intercultural coexistence, tolerance and promoting youth participation. As Specific aims are to provide a series of practical tools to encourage young people on the one hand, the culture of peace and on the other hand, sustainable development. The project involved three volunteers, two for 12 months in SCI Catalunya and another for 6 months in Adela. With these tempos are expected to volunteer can understand the full cycle of both projects, participate in all stages and learn from them as well as having a participatory, proactive, proactive and committed role. In conclusion, the project development and peace. A sustainable way forward, seeks to provide different views and tools towards a new culture based on peace, mutual understanding, collective respect, sustainable development, social transformation, horizontal learning and youth empowerment.



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