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Des traces de pas aux camps de fortune: Crise migratoire et citoyennetéS européenneS
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

After a street poll and a press review on the topic of refugees, both made during the preparation phase, 28 young people, ages 15-19, from Belgium, France and the Republic of Macedonia will gather in Struga, Republic of Macedonia. They will compare the reactions of the people and press of their countries to the topic of refugees, question european asylum policies and reflect on the change they want to bring in today's world. These exchanges and reflections will be put into a street theater play that they will perform in the streets of Struga.For the belgian group, young people from a social housing area in Brussels, this project continues a process started 3 years ago, during which they have gained more and more autonomy and have been more and more actively involved in the conception and realisation of the project. It's also a chance to tackle an issue they care about with other young people from different backgrounds: the French and Macedonian come from rural areas, and the Republic of Macedonia is mainly a transit country for refugees.There will be a focus on active participation and citizenship: the participants have been involved since the preparation phase and will remain so until the follow-up phase. They will have to make decisions in key moments of the exchange. They will also question their identities and values through the prism of the refugee crisis, particularly through the differenec of perception in transit countries and destination countries.After the exchange, we hope the participants will have gained enough autonomy to go on independently as an informal group. The project should cement the status of the association as the main reference for mobility projets and increase our ability to manage such projects.In the long run, we aim to include mobilty projects more organically in the association's general strategy.



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