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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project is prepared for 44 students who are receiving education in the fied of construction technology and information technologies and 4 teachers to guide the students. It is widely accepted that students do internship during their education life and get application skills to become successful in their business lives after the graduation. In Turkey, like many developed countries, “dual system”is applied in vocational and technical education. In this system, students do intenship in businesses or get application skills in the last year of their school in addition to their school education. Regarding the current affairs and constant changing conditions, the need for specialised, skilled labour has come into prominence. In the 21st century, all employees are experted to adapt changes, have ability desicion making and problem solving , communicate both vebally and in a written way, and take responsibility in the production of qualified product and service. With this project, it is aimed that our students be more qualified by increasing their experiences in the businesses that give service in the field of construction and information technologies. With 3-week-internsip, activity which will be realised within that project, it will be provided that our students make observations in EU businesses, learn business life behaviors, and improve application skills. Expected outcomes of the project are as following; - Our students would see the systems of the businesses giving service in the field of construction and information technologies in Europe and they would work in those businessses and increase their experience. - They would graduate as preferred workers who have the necessary information and ability to work in EU and Turkey businesses. - Their employment, both in EU countries and Turkey, woud be supported along with devoloping cooperation with EU countries. - Development of vocational training would be improved both in our city and country in the light of school-industry cooperation. - Outcomes achieved from the application of project would be extended by announcing by the way of students’ oriented workshops , brochures, and announcments in the websites of our school and provincial directorate of national education. In the project, processes of preparation, application, and evaluation would be practised with active participation of both sender and receiver partners. It is foreseen that 48-person-beneficiary group would gain experience in Germany and Spain between the dates of 08/05/2016 and 28/05/2016 consedering the work calender and acceptable beneficiary capacity of the partner.



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