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Depth enabled workflow for flexible 2D and multiview video production (3FLEX)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The 3FLEX project aims to define and develop a new advanced workflow for flexible 2D, stereo and multiview video production capable to deal with and take advantage of the image+depth content approach and to develop the building blocks to implement it. This workflow enhances current 2D and 3D production workflows, and regarding the 2D to 3D conversion processes promises cost savings and improvements in terms of production efficiency and workflow automation.The implementation of the new 3FLEX workflow requires the development of tools and pieces that cover most of the process: adaptation to the supplementary data in the image ingest and the pre-processing architectures, development of new image+depth channel retouch and processing tools and adaptation of existing post-production tools in order to take advantage of the existing depth channel. These 3FLEX tools necessary to complete the new workflow will be delivered as plugins and upgrades, adding value and functionalities to established post-production platforms. The 3FLEX outcomes will be tested in an experimental production and showcased by academic and industrial partners in research and commercial forums. To this end, 3FLEX will not only offer new post-production tools, it will also take care that they are embedded seamlessly as plug-ins into the existing infrastructure of professional 2D and 3D production workflows.The three companies in the 3FLEX consortium address different phases and processes in the postproduction industry, yet they envision a shared workflow and could take advantage of related image processing technologies in their tools. For this reason they felt impelled to work together as a consortium to propel the postproduction technologies beyond the state of the art and integrating the resulting products into their own workflows and catalogues. This way, the SME participants in the 3FLEX project will improve their competitiveness in global markets in the near future.



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