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Deporte de Europa - Voluntario
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Deporte de Europa or Sport Europe Volunteer project, is a unique European Voluntary Service programme for young people aged 18 to 30 years of age interested in volunteering in dynamic Sport for Development NGOs, Youth Community organisations and Local Councils and embedding key social and human rights themes within organisation’s current delivery. Themes are identified in partnership with the Host organisation and EVS Volunteers and are connected to the overall sectors objectives and the NGOs’ individual aims. NGOs appoint a Mentor to each individual Volunteer who will work with them to identify their own personal goals and actions throughout their Volunteering experience, alongside the Volunteers own Line Manager, who will ensure they are assigned attached based on the objectives of Deporte de Europa and will support the Volunteer to develop real work-based skills in an international Sport for Development NGO. EVS placements in UK In the UK, Deporte de Europa will involve 3 key areas of the Volunteers placement: • Volunteer Management • Community Engagement • Social themes Project Volunteer management: the EVS Volunteer will engage with participants of current and past projects and coaches to promote a network of participants actively volunteering on future community and sport actively. The EVS Volunteers will develop their own strategy, implementation plan and launch their micro-volunteers project. This will assist sustained participation in Sport, reducing disengagement of sport participants and promoting community values. Community Engagement: the EVS Volunteer will play an active part within the community through engagement, promotion and providing for individuals to volunteer on Sport projects within their own society. The EVS Volunteer will also lead on the development of wider networks, promoting the host organisation as an Ideas Hub and ensuring local communities voices are heard. The EVS Volunteer will providing assistance on wider community programmes and volunteer projects to further build up their community and social action skills. Social themes project: the EVS Volunteer will be responsible for their own project that involves embedding of key social-themed elements within Sport for Development projects. 4 headings have been identified for this project, and one or all can be selected by the EVS volunteers. These headings are: Anti-discrimination & Racism; Equality & Respect; HIV/AIDS Awareness; and Participation. A key element of the Social themes project is to develop a promotional strategy to implement it within a Sports project. Focusing on: • Anti-discrimination & Racism • Equality & Respect • HIV/AIDS Awareness • Participation: Community; Volunteering; Voting The emphasis will be on how the EVS Volunteer will consider how different themes can be embedded into Sport. • Develop a plan • Create Work Plans & Methodologies • Run a pilot within a current Sport programme • Evaluate it • Feedback • Train our coaches EVS placements in Spain EVS placements in the UK involve a series of unique opportunities for young Volunteers incorporating Social and Project volunteer opportunities: international project support, English teaching with children/young people, and marketing, communications and project management, as well as the mobilisation of a exciting social animation project with young people/children. The overall project in which frames the EVS volunteers is within a proposal of youth inclusion, which is managed, designed and implemented revitalization proposals for youth and in which we promote and encourage aspects that improve the living conditions of this population. This process takes place in the districts of LLefià, La Salut and San Roque, in Badalona. These neighborhoods are characterized by social conflicts that have come groups of immigrants and families with various problems, which have made the area vulnerable to various space phenomena. “Deporte de Europa”, is a youth EVS project and its main objectives is promotion and promoting cooperation, sensitivity, solidarity through sports, recreational, educational and cultural, among others, in the mentioned areas to achieve the objectives that seek to improve the quality of life of people and the closer involvement in the town. The project's features, on the other hand, it restarts each year adjusting to the calendar and during this period we designed and implemented a number of activities related to sports and recreation, cooperation, solidarity and awareness in which is to foster respect, tolerance and integration as tools to improve relationships in the execution. From La Rotllana we will support the volunteer during all the process; once here in Badalona, volunteer will have the opportunity to work with other local volunteers, professionals, and have the opportunity to organize projects on him/her self.



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