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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project includes the students who study basic vocational training about maritime at İskenderun Sefa Atakaş Vocational and Technical Anatolian high school and the teachers work at our school. İskenderun chamber of shipping and Atakaş group of companies also get involved as the social partners in our project. Although our country is surrounded on three sides by the seas , the maritime industry is not sufficient about ship building and technical personnels. Iskenderun gulf has gained the great importance in the manufacturing and maritime transportation industry of Turkey since 2000. Our school is located in region of İskenderun Gulf. İskenderun Gulf is the important entranceway. Although there are 2 great important ports and 12 private ports in İskenderun Gulf that includes İskenderun and Ceyhan industrial regions , there is not any instutitution about shipyard & dockyard management. According to the national education regulations , our students must do 80 hours of practical professional courses of trainings in ship-construction branch. Our students complete their practical courses of trainings in other metal industry companies, because there is not a shipyard & dockyard for our students in our location. Although there are intensive demands for ship-construction industry, we can not say that we educate well-qualified personnels in that ship building area. Briefly, It is impossible for our students to take skills education in the fields of maritime and ship-construction. Our country's maritime education is registered to the IMO( International Maritime Organization ) . Our country's maritime education should be in the standards of IMO and SOLAS agreement. Although we are the only maritime vocational school in our region, our school and students do not have necessary technical maritime and shipping equipments such as maritime and ship building machineries,simulators,boats and boat supplies. In this project , we aim to provide 80 hours of practical courses of training in the European standards for the successful 11th grade students who take maritime education in the branches of ship management, ship machines , steel ship construction and ship designing and also we would like our personnells have a chance to see the novelties about Maritime Sector in Europe. In this project , we expect to provide the improvements of our students' qualifications and skills in the maritime training schools in Germany and Spain that are the one of the leading countries in maritime in Europe. At the end of training, we would like to organize meetings and seminars with the representatives of Sectors and Chambers to provide improving our personnells experiences and also perform 100% of participating of students' employability. We hope that our students will enhance their professional horizons. The first mobility activity for our students will take place at Fides Education gGmbHin institution in Berlin,Germany in March,2016. The second mobility activity for our personnells will take place at IES La Rosaleda institution in Malaga,Spain in June, 2016.



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