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Demonstration of a new biocide dry toilet with improved functionalities for three specific markets (DRY CLOSET)
Date du début: 2 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The dry toilet developed technologies entail technical limitations regarding efficient performance in long-term operation, massive use, remote locations supply and scale-up production. Therefore, bringing a more effective technology that overcomes such limitations is very demanding. The Consortium partners of the DRYCLOSET Research project (256295-1) have achieved a prototype based on successful development of three results:The biocide polymer and the coating contained in the toilet, which ensures slippery properties, hygiene and parasites removalThe anti-struvite precipitation compound for avoiding toilet pipe blockades and clearing of the toilet system pipesThe improved biofilter, which eliminates bad odoursDuring the DRYCLOSET Demo we will make those prototype adjustments and develop a more marketable product, which will bring an added value product to fill more market needs and will expand our commercial spectrum. The main goal of the Demo project is to achieve three different DRYCLOSET marketable product models from the already obtained prototype. The models will match with three primary identified market needs:-Kit-assembly dry toilet addressed to long distance shipment in containers and easy assembly installation (DryCloset Kit)-Compact dry toilet integrated in a mobile truck mainly for military, emergency and public events needs (DryCloset Truck)-High-frequentation use dry toilets, spacially demanded in highways (DryCloset Massive)The DRYCLOSET toilet will be a suitable solution for more clients and its market horizon will considerably enlarge in Europe and beyond. In 2011 public toilet sales in Europe accounted for more than 1,2 million units, from which 1% corresponds to dry toilets. The Consortium of the DRYCLOSET Demo will be integrated by four of the SMEs that took part in the research stage: Ecosphere, Umwelttechnik (UGN), and Tecnove. Also, two new SMEs will collaborate as partners in the Demo: Impact Design and Serviformes.



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