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Demonstrating Minicare, a miniaturized biophotonics platform for fast and lab-equivalent Point-of-Care diagnostics (Lab2Go)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To speed up the availability of cTnI test results (for heart attack indications), a highly integrated, biophotonics based, handheld-device is currently developped by a number of European based companies (Philips, Conworx Technology, Micro Systems Limited and Scienion AG) : Minicare. This device can be used at the patients' bed side by nurses and physicians as well as in ambulances and provides reliable, lab-equivalent test results within 10 minutes (based on just a single drop of blood). This solution will enable much faster treatment decisions, optimizing patient outcome and substantially reducing the integral treatment (healthcare) costs. In addition, a fast test result can help to safely rule out a heart attack earlier for those patients suffering from a different illness, contributing to reduction of ED overcrowding and freeing up healthcare resources.The product's technical maturity has been proven by various tests performed internally and limited tests in hospitals. The goal of the Lab2Go project is to bring a (handheld) Point-of-Care test-device to the next level of maturity by demonstrating it in real user environments. The aim of this project is to demonstrate Minicare in real time environments(hospitals) to have a solution available at the end of the project which meets the targeted system specifications and which is accepted by the intended users. The Lab2Go project will bring the platform to the level required to start verification and clinical validation after the completion of this project.



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