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Democracy in Motion III
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

DiM III is a platform for Youth Workers to share their experience and best practices in the field of Democracy and learn from each others successes and mistakes and get knowledge from professionals in the sphere. We aim to empower Youth Workers and inspire them to develop new projects, cooperations and initiatives in the fields of youth and democracy and work together in the future. “Democracy in Motion” unites partners from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia, Palestine and Morocco and has a history of three years. Each partner has contributed years of work to support Democracy in their countries and share their experiences on the international level. The cooperation between partners has started in 2012 with an initial youth meeting “DIM I”, followed by trainings in Barcelona (“DIM II”, “Act for real democracy“) in 2013, in Tbilisi “Partnership Building Activity (PBA): “Building Nonviolent Strategies in Europe” and Lyon “Nonviolence in Action: Training for Youth on Nonviolent Strategy ” in 2014. Main activity takes place in Chernivtsi, Ukraine from 09th till 18th of October, 2015. In total group of 48 youth workers, facilitators, trainers and coordinators will take part in the activity. They are interested and actively involved in developing democratic processes, organizing and supporting different forms of activism and standing for peoples´ right to express their ideas about social, cultural or/and political processes in their countries and worldwide. Main objectives of our meeting are to support youth workers, interested in the topic of democracy, to better understand the modern challenges in the field and endow them with knowledge in innovative methods and tools. This will make their further work more effective. We promote non-violent approach and support productive network building between participants and participating organisations. Whole project is based on non-formal and informal learning methods. Participants will have opportunity to express their views, share their experiences, take part in discussions, have outdoor and indoor activities, meet the local organisations working in the field and get to know better the processes taking place in Ukraine and other countries. Project will have impact on different levels: starting from personal and professional development of our participants to strengthening the european institutes in EU and its partner countries. We expect our participants to spread the knowledge and be the actors of changes in their local areas, within this taking and strengthening the idea of democracy to the wider range of people. On the project participants will have opportunity to develop new project ideas and GEB and PROTERRA will support them with realisation of their ideas.



11 Participants partenaires