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Date du début: 1 mai 2014, Date de fin: 1 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In IJP (international youth projects house ) in Oldenburg held from 01 . To 11 September 2014 an international / multilateral youth theater exchange instead . 60 participants from France, Spain , Croatia, Italy , Latvia and Germany are the subject of " democracy education through theater " and develop with the support of professional support ( drama teacher Mr. Dettmar chef and wife Gina Schumm ) has its own theater and artistic exhibition. Theater have told stories since its inception . Always show this also human interaction on stage. Theater makers tried their audience to move it, move and entertain , and thus to influence the decision-making process to generate opinions. Theatre demonstrate new, often frowned upon as crazy and demanding their audience by going so far to question on social processes and a say . Theatre is a piece of revolution for democracy. In the theater education project entitled "Demo Crazy" , young people are from four nations in the International Youth Projects House ( IJP) found in Oldenburg in order to try out together on selected classical and modern literature and the associated democracy education through theater. What images of society are produced in the literature and as is my own perspective on the present and future of democracy and society in Europe ? Am I even produce a piece of revolution for democracy in a position to theater ? These are some of the questions to move the young people in this project represent their views and their will and not shrink back even before crazy ideas . In this way, a discussion of the topic "Democracy and active participation " as well as the rights and obligations of the participants to be held as an EU citizen . Thematic priorities under this theme form complex humanity , gender roles , free will , capitalism and DC circuit . The literary foundations are : • " Antigone " by Sophocles ( 5th century BC) as a symbol of humanity as opposed deluded domination and power . • " The Taming of the Shrew " by William Shakespeare ( 16th century ) as a symbol of the battle of the sexes and the required obedience of the wife to her husband . • " Life is a Dream " by Pedro Calderon de la Barca ( 17th century ) as an idea for the "free will" . • " Saint Joan of the Stockyards " by Bertolt Brecht ( 20th century ) as a symbol of " doctrines " and content : the capitalist economic crisis. • are forced into " Rhinoceros " by Eugene Ionesco (20 century) as a symbol of the danger itself . About the confrontation with their own definition of right and wrong , individual needs , morality, mutual understanding and one's own opinion , the project "Demo Crazy" wants in the broadest sense to work out the advantages offered by the Citizenship each / r individuals. Young people should be encouraged to have the dedicated rights and the EU's policy to use to their benefit and to actively participate in political decision-making processes of the EU. Here, the cohesion , mutual understanding and interest is to strengthen each other. After an intensive theoretical introduction to the topic as well as a substantive introduction to the selected literature and history of the theater is an artistic process is set in motion and reflections and results presented dramatically . The results will be presented to the public in the form of performances.



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