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Delivering non-viral silencing RNA (microRNA) using automated femtosecond lasers into stem cells for cardiac reprogramming and characterization using non-destructive optical techniques (MIR-OPTOFECTARRAY)
Date du début: 1 août 2013, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Considerable focus has been placed on the influence of endogenous and exogenous interfering RNA on stem cell differentiation and behavior and substantial effort to elucidate the potential of reprogramming stem cells to guide of them towards a cardiomyogenic phenotype as a therapeutic option for heart disease. The majority of studies employ gain- or loss- of function experimental models or perform global microArrays to determine microRNAs that exhibit candidacy as governing dictators of differentiation. Delivery of these potentially therapeutic biomolecules can be achieved through viral vectors; which raises concerns of mutagenesis and immunogenicity, or their less efficient counterparts – non-viral vectors.The fellow presents here, the use of femtosecond laser Optotransfection to create transient nanopores in the cell membrane to allow entry of exogenous microRNAs efficiently into the cell with minimal effect on cellular viability. The fellow aims to apply this system in an automated process, combining robotics, software engineering and management of data in a multi-disciplinary project toward which he will add his expert knowledge in microRNA delivery in vitro, cardiac related microRNAs, in vitro cell culture and biomedical engineering. This project places the fellow in a unique position to apply biomedical research technology to an automated process to yield high-throughput standardized experiments which could yield potent formulations of microRNAs to reprogram stem cells towards a cardiac progenitor cell lineage.Herein, this project proposal describes the multidisciplinary nature of this project, the execution and management of this project by the fellow and the multiple collaborators that will each equip the fellow with cutting-edge research skills. The goals of the fellow’s project will place specific focus to ensure that the training of the fellow brings him to a level of competitive scientific excellence both in Europe and Internationally.



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