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Delight in global cousine
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Delights in Global Cuisine will last 12 months and it will take place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It will host three volunteers from Spain, from Hungary and from Croatia. The volunteers will join the team of Zavod Global and will take part of the daily activities and events of the projects of Zavod Global – SKUHNA and Globalna Lutka. The aim of Zavod Global within this project is to give to the volunteers opportunity of living and working in intercultural environment, developing old and gaining new skills and especially learning more about entrepreneurship itself. Together with the team of Zavod Global and local volunteers the EVS Volunteers will be involved in Zavod Global’s activities and will work on implementing and promoting the activities of SKUHNA and as well Globalna Lutka. The volunteer from will work on improving the design of the webpages and the promotion materials of SKUHNA. He will be involved in making workshop on Graphic design what he is keen on. He will be supported by the official graphic designers of SKUHNA and he can have the opportunities to develop his working skills. The Volunteer - young migrant fwill be promoting his culture through cooking and other cultural elements. He will get to know more about the social entrepreneurship and with this to develop his cooking skills. He will gain some skills in organizing cultural events. Skuhna is a project that allows a lot of space for experiments. He will have big possibilities to do his activities and will give him working opportunities also after the end of the EVS project. The third volunteer will be involved in organizing promotional events about the values and the activities of Zavod Global. His main task will be coordinate work camps. With his experience and skills he will develop new projects that will include young migrants in Slovenia. The project Delights in Global Cuisine hosted by Zavod Global EVS will be an opportunities for the three hosted volunteers to develop their own ideas, to develop their personal skills, to gain working experience and learn more about the entrepreneurship. The EVS Volunteers will be fully supported by the staff of Zavod Global in creating their personal working environment and will encourage their self-initiative. This Zavod Global believes will be one of the reasons to make the possibilities of their employment higher after the end of the EVS project.



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