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Delfinų terapijos centro darbuotojų žinių ir įgūdžių ugdymas DOLPHIN
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In 2015 Lithuanian Sea Museum is planning to finish one of the most important projects since its foundation – “COMPLEX OF ENTERTAINMENT, REST AND HEALTH SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE SEA SITUATED IN KOPGALIS (ESTABLISHMENT OF DOLPHIN ASSISTED THERAPY CENTRE)”. This project will establish a unique infrastructure for Dolphin therapy – environment suitable to work with people with disabilities (both children and adults). This project acknowledges long research work, which is carried out since 2001 when first dolphin therapy sessions were carried out. In 2013. Lithuania became the first country in Europe, which legalized the dolphin therapy as health promotion program. The project created a unique infrastructure, but in order to start therapy activities, staff must prepare to work under hard circumstances with disabled people according to newest methods while providing highest quality services to clients and at the same time behave responsibly with animals. Center will open in 2015 with the staff that needs to acquire new knowledge and skills working with disabled people: WATSU/TANTSU, Sherborne family centeredness, sensory integration, Oiva and TEACCH methods and techniques. In order to gain new and necessary skills for new Dolphin teraphy center, Lithuanian Sea Museum prepared an Erasmus+ application.



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