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Defence of health for the urban population aiming at the prevention with application of guidelines and use of new technologies (PRE-E-HEALTH)
Date du début: 29 mars 2011, Date de fin: 29 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

All 3 partners of this project operate municipal health service units, aiming to serve their citizens efficiently and as soon as possible. For this to be achieved modernization of medical facilities is required so the optimal patient satisfaction is obtained. Municipality of Ampelokipi - Menemeni is implementing similar projects for many years now, as Municipalities of Gotche Delchev and Harmanli also do. The approach of this project is innovative and so far the electronic filing was only used by Health Boards. The efforts for the implementation of these projects in public clinics were often unsuccessful because there was no qualified personnel and the workload was such that there was no time for doctors for any further detailed registration. The target of the project is to improve offering services and accessibility of the local population to health services. Also the proposed project aims to the creation of a basis for cooperation between the two application areas Greece - Bulgaria for the development of innovative telemedicine projects and projects of Electronic Health Archive in C. Macedonia and Southern Bulgaria and the dissemination of expertise in the region. The expected outputs are: to create a common monitoring system for patients in cross-border region, create patient files through the form of e-files, the training of the doctors of the medical units a portal of medical information in the cross-border area will be created having as a result the improvement of communication and the exchange of expertise, interconnection of the doctors from the above areas for the quicker information of the doctors in new scientific techniques under the range of knowledge. The expected result of the project is mainly to improve the system for the service of the patients. The creation of a network is reflected with the indicator in that relative part of the application. The project is expected to contribute significantly by its operation in medicine in both of the beneficiary areas of application and to assist its systematization and optimization. The wider information of residents in both areas of application will be achieved through specific informative actions and actions for publicity. Also it is desired for the beneficiaries to come from the scientific community in both countries, because of the training programs in new technologies in the field of medicine that are about to be monitored by doctors, in the frame of the programs' implementation. Expected Results: The expected result of the project is the improvement of the services provided to the population of the area. The creation of a network which will serve the lead to this result, between the 3 partners, is reflected with the indicator in the designated part of this application. The project is expected to contribute significantly in the level of systemization and optimization of (a) medical service (b) knowledge and best practices exchange(c) recording, storage, retrieval and transmission of medical data (patient level), and (d) the making of medical decisions (e) the exercise of medical interventions and the organization of health services (in terms of patient and population). Beneficiaries generally are residents at the areas of application (local population) and also the local authorities on both sides. The wider information of residents in both areas of application will be achieved through specific publicity actions: 2 conferences at country level, one at the begining of informative character and one at the closure of evaluative character, additionally brochures and folders will be produced and used during the implementation period



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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)
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