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Deep Immersion in the United Kingdom
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

DIUK : Deep Immersion in the United Kingdom is Jules Siegfried Vocational highschool project for the period going from June 2015 to June 2017. This project concerns students preparing their vocational Baccalaureate in Digital Electronic Systems and studying in the European section. Our project will enable them to have a complete immersion experience in England thanks to a 4-week work placement and a host family stay. Our objectives for this project are as follows: * Improve their language skills in English. * Have them discover the English culture. * Improve their resumé for the students who will go on higher education and/or a job search in order to enhance employabilty. * Increase self-esteem. * Give them a better awareness of the European project and European values. During these two years, 10 students aged from 17 to 19 will participate in the project. They will be chosen among the volunteers and according to motivation, involvement criterias and a sufficient language level so that their stay be a success( …). Thess students are mostly from socially disadvantaged families and have never had the opportunity to go abroad. They will mainly have professional activities on their working place. Moreover, cultural activities will be organised during weekends under the responsibility of a teacher. This project is a collaboration between 4 teachers, the Headmaster, the accountant and her secretary and the person responsible for work projects. What we expect from this project is for our students to be more successful for their exam, in higher education and in their future professional life. As far as our school is concerned, its image should benefit from such a project. This project is only a first step, as we intend to extend, open it to all the students of our vocational school and to start an exchange with a similar school in Britain. Another group of teachers is already working on an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education with their students. These students should go to Britain for their training period in June 2017.



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