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Decisions and Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Decisions and Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues” will result in a series of learning resources that are ready to use in history and citizenship classes at secondary school level across Europe. The focus will be on contemporary issues for the European Union: Enlargement; globalisation; foreign relations, particularly with the USA, Russia and China; energy supply; economic imbalance and the north-south divide within the EU; terrorism and border controls in a Schengen world; and the democratic deficit.Together the learning resources will help students to: - Be aware of the complexity and interdependence of decision-making / diplomacy on a European / international level. - Understand the dilemmas that policy makers face when they have to take into account multiple factors and stakeholders ranging from the domestic to the global.- Understand contemporary issues in their historical context, seeing how issues recur over time and how new challenges (can) result from solving other challenges.Each issue will result in a learning activity based on active learning methods (such as scripted drama, various forms of debate and discussion, and project work) that are best suited to the nature of that particular issue. As a result the project will show various ways in with students can learn about the EU on an active and engaging way. These learning resources will be developed, tested and implemented by an international group of experienced educators (who are currently teaching citizenship and/or history) with the support of Jean Monnet professors as academic advisors. The involvement of leading academics and school teachers and teacher trainers, will make sure that the learning resources are both academically sound and suited for use in diverse classroom settingsThe key project activities are three development workshops and one international training seminar.