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Decent chances for equal future
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project are involved two organizations Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios from Spain ( Sending and Coordinating Organization) and Miras-Moldova ( Hosting Organization).The voluntter will have activities in Comrat and also two villages near Comrat- Chirsova and Chioc-Maidain.The project will start on September,1, 2015 and will finish on February,29, 2016The project is intended to promote education, social protection of disabled children and socially vulnerable families of Gagauzian region of Moldova, re-socialization and reintegration into their family and society.The volunteer will work in the Rehabilitation Centre for disable children "Fidanjik" which was founded on September 12, 2001 and twice a week in Fidanjik branch in “Kirsova” village. Objectives of the project are:- to work with children with disabilities on individual programs, where the most important component is to prepare them to independent life in society and the development of self-- to provide child health services, according to the needs of children - from personal hygiene, healthcare, housing, literacy classes, psychological evaluation, to cultural activities (music festivals, music classes and handiwork) and sports.The responsibilities included assisting in the basic care and first and foremost the participation of the daily routine of residents to improve the care and quality of life both in collaboration with the professional staff. The volunteer`s role will be to bring her own cultural conditioning in. She will have contact with other volunteers and learn of the culture of the host country. The volunteer:- work independently on tasks and improve her teamwork skills and are involved in meetings;- be strengthened in cross-cultural competence;- get to know the daily routine of the institution;- have opportunities for self-testing.- offers to encourage the movement and participation in community life, walking, assistance with trips- offer of receipt or the promotion of cognitive skills, such as board games and card games, memory games, looking at photos- painting and crafting deals, crafts, musical offerings- working on projects and seasonal festivals, fairs.Miras-Moldova’s mission in the territory is to promote social integration between ethnic minorities and Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of Gagauz people.Miras-Moldova focuses its activities on the following targets:- Supporting in-country and trans-border cooperation projects, related with the region of Gagauzia, aimed to promote interethnicand intercultural dialogue as a tool of confidence-building and conflict prevention;- Promoting projects and programs aimed at protecting minorities’ rights, harmonizing inter-ethnic relations, preserving linguisticand cultural diversity and fostering intercultural dialogue; - Studying the ethno-cultural needs of national minorities and taking measures in order to meet them, based on internationalstandards and internal legislation.The project aims at assisting children in difficult situations and in need of special support and care, and drawing attention to the socially vulnerable children – orphans. Volunteers are supposed to help small boarding schools and orphanages provide family-type of care and support. The EVS volunteers work at the Children center in Chirsova. They create and facilitate interactive and educational activities in order to stimulate children’s creativity and body expression. They also collaborate with the Fidanjik Centre for disabled children.As for the impact, Miras Moldova would like to show to all the local community and rest of Moldova that the voluntary work helps strengthening the community and helps developing the country as a whole. Another important aspect is to provide the volunteers with a unique experience which would help them in their future activities and would give them the impulse to continue working in the civil society field and promote tolerance. Also, as much as possible the volunteers and the staff of the organisation will try to provide more information and support to other organisations, youth association and young people, who would like to participate in or contribute to EVS project.



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