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Debating the European Union in Cologne and Paris
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The reason for EUCOPAS is to benefit from the expertise of two renowned universities in EU politics science and law by seeking to establish and promote a European cross-generational and multidisciplinary teaching and debating forum and to develop a joint teaching curriculum. EUCOPAS seeks to bring together experienced and young researchers as well as promising students and civil society who do not dispose of specific EU knowledge.EUCOPAS´ output is a 4 star research-based teaching programme combining2 conferences for experienced researchers in Cologne to debate current and future challenges of the EU; 3 PhD workshops in Paris to stimulate research on EU topics by promising young researchers; 3 MA summer schools in Brussels which combine lectures by experts and practitioners with a simulation exercise; 3 public lectures in Paris and Cologne to encourage and open up the debate to a public audience.All of the activities will deal with inter-institutional developments in three key policy fields, which are part of the EU´s strategic agenda: migration, the Energy Union and Economic Governance. The activities will result in the creation of a joint transnational teaching curriculum on EU studies. The impact envisaged is future multiplication of research-based teaching in EU studies based on EUCOPAS´ transnational teaching curriculum. EUCOPAS will enhance students’ employability by fostering both professional (e.g. simulation exercise) and academic skills (e.g. Best Paper Award) and by providing them with practical insights into the EU system. EUCOPAS will achieve a greater visibility of EU topics by opening courses to students from different disciplines, holding public lectures and by providing openly accessible information (website, Facebook, OER). It will create synergies by bringing together researchers and students from different disciplines who will benefit from each other´s expertise.



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