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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Centre Villa Elba organizes a seminar about conflict management in Kokkola 9-14.5.2016. Seminar involves 24 participants from 11 countries.The objective of the Youth Centre Villa Elba is to promote and create opportunities for international cooperation and expertise of young people, local authorities, organizations and youth projects. Through experience, know-how and "best practices" in exchange reform and the development of Finnish youth work methods.We would like to arrange a seminar about conflict management seminar, where we can strengthen our international networks and to clarify the ways of cooperation. During the seminar, we reflect on conflict management, both the personal and organizational level. During the seminar our goal is to find new methods regarding group dynamics and conflict situations between the volunteers and working community, conflict situations between the volunteer, as well as sexual emergent conflict situations.As working methods we will use expert lectures, group work- and discussions. The conflict situation may appear in a very different way for the sending and the receiving organisations. Our responses for conflicts is affected both by personal as well as cultural features. During the seminar, we will have new perceptions and understanding of the various ways to react to conflicts and this will help us to gain more understanding towards each others. Participating organizations receive new know-how, more knowledge and skills to deal with conflict situations. As a network, we can strengthen our cooperation by agreeing on common practices to create the conditions for a good and functioning cooperation.



10 Participants partenaires