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De Madrid a Europa, Erasmus+ FP. Proyecto de Fundación Montemadrid con la participación de centros de la Comunidad de Madrid
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The sixteen months project "From Madrid to Europe, Erasmus + FP" , arises from the interest in providing mobility projects Erasmus + KA102 to institutions located in the Community of Madrid which for lack of means or lack of experience have not requested individual project. Thus it was born last year the "From Madrid to Ireland" project, a project of 30 mobilities to Ireland for Intermediate Vocational Training students. The consortium coordinator, Montemadrid Foundation, together with the Community of Madrid Directorate General of Vocational Training as a partner intermediary takes one step more to enhance the previous project reaching up to twelve centers of Madrid, as shipping partners and five European destinations to provide a wider offer. The weaknesses and needs detected are: lack of resources at the centers to carry out projects for European mobility, low awareness of internationalization and European dimension thereof, difficulties in finding jobs for students Intermediate FP Madrid, need of the participants language skills and social skills reinforcement , stagnation in technical competencies established in the Spanish curriculum and economic difficulties to complete their training outside Spain.The goals of the project, therefore, can be summarized as:- Provide participation in international mobility projects and diversify their educational offer to consortium’s members. This will contribute to the promotion of language learning, intercultural European identity and citizenship awareness among teachers and students. - Improve the employability of participants, promoting the enhancement of their language skills, their technical skills by observing new ways of working in their fields and especially for the unique experience that is an extended stay outside and away from Spain your comfort zone.The project targets 60 students from Intermediate Vocational Training to develop its training module Work Centres (FCT) in companies of UK, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic and Portugal for eleven weeks. They can also include new graduates but current students will have preference. We anticipate that some of them might carry a disadvantaged background with no foreign previous experience due to the location of the schools, previous experience and the first approach to new members.Activities. Mobility Committee meetings will take place since the beginning and for the duration of the project. Informative and preparatory talks for prospective participants will take place in schools members with the intervention of teachers, former participants in European mobility and the coordinator along with internal and external dissemination work.To support the selection process an online call will be made restricted to students of the members of the consortium. The selection criteria will be established by the Mobility Committee and the resulting list will be published. Once selected, the participants will receive language training through the OLS and cultural and educational though the centers. The tutors of the sending schools and receiving firms or organizations will agree a training plan for each participant before the mobility begins. As participants advance in their internships, tutors will maintain regular contacts to track progress the and sending tutor contact with the participant regularly to monitor any in occurrence their stay. This will be complemented by the intermediary partner in each destination. The coordinator, through contacts with all parties, will oversee developments in all the stays and destinations. Once the mobilities are fully executed a final evaluation of the internship will take place while the national and European documents requested for the official validation for the internship by the spanish authorities will be issued .Methodology. Although a self management of the mobility is an option always open for the participant, the coordinator commitment, through local intermediaries, is to find companies for the internships and a comprehensive logistic package for the stay. In case this package is chosen, the participants can delegate in the coordinator to make all the arrangements and payment on their behalf. the payment and arrangements self logistics of mobility. In any case the coordinator all required insurance contracts will be arranged by the coordinator. Impact and expected results. Completion of the participants comprehensive training during the internship, strengthen relations with DG FP and partners, intercultural and european citizenship awareness for all parties (participants, sending and host partners, coordinator ...)Long term outcomes: institutional relationship consolidation among all the members of the consortium and sending members development of european dimension and awareness and, most importantly, employability improvement and a wider mindset development for the participants as a result of a unique live-last experience.



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