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de la perception à la représentation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project focuses on the perception of others and of their environment and on the way this perception evolves with time. This project will involve 38 French students who are in “Première option classe européenne” and 23 Spanish students who are in “primero de bachillerato” who are all highly interested in the Spanish language, history and culture and who will be accompanied by with three adults (a transnational meeting is to be held in November 2015 in Granada M1) . Our aim is to lead our students to : examine how the city of Saint Etienne is perceived, by studying the article from the newspaper Le Monde (cf appendix 1) which triggered many reactions from local journalists and a public outcry. At the same time, we will together with our colleagues from the IES in Cullar Vega engage in reflection on Granada and how it is seen as a touristic city. study the social and cultural norms of each country so as to better understand others. We will therefore in class study the neighbourhoods, the high schools, students’ origins and brands. Via the school’s website ( (activity 1) and from questionnaires (activity 2), our students will be able to express their perceptions and confront them. Besides we will work on the social and cultural norms in France and in Spain and on their differences, on language and its codes and lastly we will also examine the school system and how it tackles differences in France and in Spain – hence the need for an exchange programme so that our students can carry out a survey on how people are perceived based on interviews done in Spain by the French students and in France by the Spanish ones. activity 3: slam workshop with Arthur Riboactivity 4 : filming of job interviewsactivity 5 : creation of illustrations to observe the perception of oneself and others, exhibition in the Spanish schoolactivity 6 : the Cullar Vega IES students will prepare the scenario of a short play about “the other”. The students will write the scenario, find the music, using the method of the “theatre of the oppressed” and perform the play. make a comparative study of the cities of Saint Etienne, Lyon and Granada to analyse urban space development and management. We will take guided tours of a few neighbourhoods with some specialists of urban development and management (activity 7). We will study urban space management in Granada, to see how the population is distributed and examine the problems that are engendered by social circumstances, migrations and so on, in order to manage these neighbourhoods’ urban space and change the way they are perceived. Tours of neighbourhoods such as Sacromonte, Cartuja, … (activity 8) visit some local companies and the Euronews headquarters to analyse how the treatment of information differs from one country to another (activity 9) compare the two education systems as the students will go to class in each high school (activity 10) Through ICTs (Internet, websites, etwinning) we will be in touch on a regular basis with the IES of Cullar Vega and publish all our students’ works. We intend to continue this after the end of the Erasmusplus exchange programme. The idea is to fight against prejudices and to allow students to be better involved as citizens and in particular European citizens. - creation of a portfolio and of an assessment grid to evaluate the project (activity 11)



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