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„De cultura hortorum“. Pěstujeme nejen rostliny, ale kultivujeme i širokou veřejnost. Aktivity Botanické zahrady hl. m. Prahy na poli vzdělávání dospělých na modelovém příkladu zvyšování atraktivity sbírky léčivých rostlin.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project name De Cultura hortorum. We grow not only plants, but we cultivate the public as well. Adult education activities of the Prague Botanical Garden in the model of increasing the attractivity of the useful plants collection, particularly in the Monastery Garden section. Project description The Prague Botanical Garden (PBG) paraphrases with the name of its project HORTUS APERTUS – THE OPEN GARDEN, the traditional medieval garden designation of Hortus conclusus (a closed garden), and so generates its present counterparts. PBG has been formated as a modern, open, and scientific institution that operates in the field of botany, horticulture, nature conservation, and healthy lifestyle development, but mostly operates as an educational institution. PBG is aware of its goal – not only the development of its botanical collection, but also an intensive teaching and tutoring the public and staff with all the modern education tools. Adult teaching presents the major part of PBG education activities. The main goal of the education activities is an increasement of the atractivity for the public, and by an increasement of laical or expert public turnout as it‘s apparent from The Development Conception of the Prague Botanical Garden 2013 - 2019 Document. The Botanical Garden chose a part of its long-term interdisciplinary project „De cultura hortorum“ for a mobility project realization. The Garden is within this project, building specifically and in the figurative sense on medieval scholarship distributed by monastic institutions. The Garden develops this scientific topic not only through the example of medicinal plants in monastery gardens, but what is also essential - the Botanical Garden adresses this topic in broader interdisciplinary historical and social contexts. The Garden presents this topic to the general public as a model case of an interdisciplinary research, using modern educational methods for increasing the atractivity of the plant collection for the public. New educative activities for the public with an influence on local, national, and even international basis are going to be the result of the project. Thanks to this mobility project we will be able to continue in our educative and research activities of the Botanical Garden, which will be developing further project results.