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De/Construction of (National) Identity at the time of Mass-Media
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 17 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a 7 days long training course on culture, migrations and discrimination based on different cultural and national background. By focusing on examples of discrimination related to the origins and exclusion in the field of international youth and voluntary work, we would like to explore together with international volunteers, youth workers and young trainers their preconceptions on these issues and try to widen their horizons. The training is targeting young people who are ready to commit their time and work in fight stereotypes and prejudices existing in their societies or within their work by organizing workshops in their local communities upon their return. Challenging concepts of national identity in modern Europe where the right wing parties and organizations are going through its growth past several years it will be one of the key points of this training course. Questioning concept of national culture that usually exist in the minds of youngsters and represent the product of secondary socialization through their education, influence of global media and raising right wing movements across the Europe during the economical crisis in previous years. Also, we would like to explore the role of modern media in the reproduction of stereotypes and prejudices which exist in the modern world. The aim of the training is not only to discuss the impact of constructed national identity, but rather to question its roots and try to work on deconstruction of it, in order to fight the stereotypes that are deeply integrated in our societies. Further more, we would also like to provide space for youngsters to recognize their potential within their sending organization and try to raise awareness among them how to fight identity related conflicts in their local communities. By providing them with the tools to increase the awareness and understanding of cultural differences and plurality of their societies, we expect them take the key role in social change. The training will take place near Bonn in Augut 2014 and will involve 30 participants from11 countries (6 program countries and 5 neighboring countries) who are coming from conflicting background, such as Bosnia and Serbia, Turkey and the others which have a high rate of migration and therefore higher level of discrimination based on national and ethnic reasons, especially from Balkans and Easter Europe, such as Germany, Italy, Finland etc. Participants are expected to be actively involved in international youth and voluntary work through our partner organizations.



10 Participants partenaires