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Data-Driven Journalism Against Prejudices About Migration
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This week-long data journalism training is designed to teach the participants the full cycle of data-driven production. It will combine lectures and presentations with hands-on experience. Participants will break in small teams to conduct a collaborative cross-border investigation about current migration issues. By bringing together professional journalists, young media makers, human rights activists, and aspiring programmers the project builds teams capable of independent investigations. Mentors and trainers involved will provide the knowledge, skill-set and support for trainees. Project will evolve in parallel with skill-building process. The balance between training sessions and hands-on work on projects will ensure that the newly acquired knowledge is applied to practice that could be replicated in the future. EYP MOs are invited to become the project's partners and select participants to come to the training, as well as facilitate post-production of the investigation in collaboration with local media partners - leading national media. Media partners are expected to publish the final projects that they will find relevant to their audiences. This project will be also searching for the support from relevant professional and educational NGOs like Open Knowledge Foundation, European Journalism Centre, Mozilla Knight Foundation. Objectives: 1. To improve the level of data journalism competences with particular regards to the growing demands on the labour market;2. To increase professional journalistic capacities of young media makers through hands-on reporting;3. To reflect on migration, asylum seekers and refugees from different perspectives and raise awareness of existing biases;4. To promote synergies between the established media and early-in-career journalists by bringing professional journalists from the newsrooms of national media together with participants;5. To develop participants' intercultural competences and bring the perspective of empathy, diversity, tolerance and nondiscrimination into their work;6. To foster innovation and excellence in the media;7. To reflect on media responsibility and the role of media makers in the public sphere (as producers and as receivers of information);8. To create an international network of active young media makers and analysts from diverse European countries.As a result, participants will be able to act independetly and replicate the data-journalism techniques further in their career; this way they will act as multipliers and enable sustainable development of media environment. The training will also strengthen the links between national media and early-in-career journalists. The outcome of the training - publications in the national media outlets of different countriesc - is supposed to contribute to balanced reporting on the sensitive topics such as migration and refugees integration.



10 Participants partenaires