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Das Berufsbild der Erzieherin/ des Erziehers im europäischen Vergleich
Date du début: 31 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The co-ordinating institution of this project is the BBS III Celle – certified European school. Up to now this vocational college has also co-ordinated the mobility for a further sending institution. At the moment this is the Katholische Fachschule Elisabeth-von-Ratzau-Schule in Hildesheim. Both schools would like to allow thirty students of the Fachschule Sozialpädagogik (vocational training course to become an educator) to complete a part of their practical training in a foreign European country. Both schools choose the students from their first year grades of the Fachschule Sozialpädagogik to send them for eight weeks of practical training to the host partners. For the preparation all participants will be advised and trained with regard to their professional subject as well as to the foreign cultures and languages. The project mobility is carried out between February 2015 and April 2016. All host partners are bilingually working kindergartens. The BBS III Celle has already worked together with some of them on different projects for many years. In the town and administrative district of Celle there are no bilingual kindergartens, however, the students can visit bilingual kindergartens in Hanover and Wolfsburg and they will therefore be able to compare the concepts of these facilities to those of the host partners. The students are to compare the working methods, try out project work in the elementary area and work out a comparison of the image and the role of the educator. The material resulting from the projects and the results of a research on the common project topic should be made available to all project participants. Another aim is the use of Dropbox to connect all partners. During a conference on the topic:" A comparison of the professional image of educators within Europe" - which will be held in Celle - all European partners will present their work and their facilities and the participants will show their project results. For the remaining students of the schools in Celle and Hildesheim as well as for employees of education facilities in Celle, the participation in this conference also is a great possibility to gain new information. Currently, employees of elementary education facilities in Celle are discontented with their working situation (concerning working hours, remuneration and group dimensions). From talks with the European host partners it has become clear that the respect for educators in elementary education is rather different in the European states. The participating students should get an overview about the job profile, the working conditions, the concepts of the facilities and the views of the parents. This part of the project can be carried out by the students by employing their research skills which they learned during their training. Specific preparations can be made in the school subject "Berufsrolle und Konzeption” (Professional role and Concept), the students can think about aims of the interviews, practice video recording skills and develop questionnaires. Each year in February / March, the participants will travel to the host partners and carry out their eight-week training period. They must carry out an independent project on a topic suitable for the group of children they will be working with. Therefore various ideas were already collected in the beforehand preparation which then can be used in the time of the training period. Readers, videos and / or CD's will be produced from the results of the carried out projects and will be made available to all partners as well as the school public. The host partners can use the project results for their parental work or for advertising and information events (e.g. on days of open house). The curriculum of the Fachschule Sozialpädagogik includes the topic ‘concepts of bilingual education’ within the learning field of language development and language promotion. The BBS III Celle applies for the mobility project for approx. 50% of its students of the Fachschule Sozialpädagogik because thus an essential part of the profile of the Fachschule Sozialpädagogik is realized, which is also a part of the mission statement of the whole school: "We teach our students international, European and intercultural thinking and acting."



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