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Daring Youth Hub
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the frame of a KA1 "Learning Mobility of Individuals" applied through the CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) called "Contact Making to Youth Participation: the strenghtening of a culture of peace focusing on active participation and social inclusion among young people in the EU and the Southern Mediterranean" which gathers organisations working in the International Volunteering Service field coming from EU countries (France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Macedonia) and Southern Mediterranean countries (Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia), JAVVA and I-DARE had the chance to meet, share and learn about each other's actions. Thanks to a staff exchange which took place through this project, JAVVA hosted I-DARE in Belgium and worked on how to improve youth participation and exchanges between EU and Southern Mediterranean countries. An active JAVVA volunteer has been doing an internship with I-DARE since February and as it is going perfectly well, we suggested to Giuseppe to apply for an EVS. Giusepppe is a future historian very interested in Arabic culture and what is going on in the Southern Mediterranea region. I-DARE's expertize is social marketing (changing community behavior positively) and social entrepreneurship. After a first month of observation and understanding of the structure, Giuseppe will be asked to identify areas and tasks he feel more confortable with. These could be: - Co-management and organisation of activities for the Daring Youth Hub programme (an ecosystem where emerging young social entrepreneurs can lead comprehensive positive social transformation in their local communities) - Promotion of the programme using online tools and other relevant communication mediums. - Carrying out networking and social events in Amman, open to young people as well as the general public. - Attending capacity building programme when relevant. I-DARE is currently carrying out two main campaigns: the first one is connected to the NO HATE speech campaign, and the second is about fighting radicalisation among young people. Giuseppe will be involved in both of them. Among his tasks, we include meeting with young people, designing workshops, organising activities, facilitating group dynamics, developing reports about the different actions carried out during the campaigns, promotion of the actions on social media, participation in evaluations and adjustements to the project. After this first three months (one observation, two and three getting actively involved in the organisation), we'll support him in developing his own project which will be meaningful to him and close to his interest. All these activities will work on the three competencies: knowledge, skills, attitudes and specifically on I-DARE's slogan which is ACT :Acquire, Create and Transform. Acquire is to provide knowledge for youth and necessary capacity building to enable them to Create their own initiatives/ideas and then they will be able to positively Transform their societies. We expect also that Giuseppe will acquire more knowledges about the situation in this part of the world, and specifically about the Jordan culture and develop his critical mind. He will learn also a new langage, Arabic but will also improve his knowledges in English. He will acquire more experience and develop his ability to work in team. He will develop social skills and communication. As he will have the opportunity to develop his own project during the EVS, he will also learn how to take some initiative, to propose some activities, to implement them and to evaluate them at the end. The objective of this project is to enhance the skills, knowledge and attitude of the volunteer. He will be more employable and more skilled. Also, this experience will give the volunteer the necessary needed awareness about her/his future decisions such as which specialty to continue at university and how to plan the future life and which career path to take. Localy the Daring Youth Hub is aimed at young social entrepreneurs (SE) where we are giving them the space supported by a complete programme to enhance their skills, knowledge and attitude in general and within the topic of SE and by this we will be participating in solving the issue of unemployment among youth weather in Jordan or in Europe as it is a holistic programme and with international vision. At the end we aim also to strenghten the partnership between European countries and Southern Mediterranean countries and we hope we will build more projects between our countries.


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