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Danes oni, jutri morda ti / Today them, tommorrow it could be you
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International 9-days youth exchange Today them, tommorow it could be you was a project, which aims were to present topic on the local, regional, national and international enviroment problem of refugees throughout Europe and touches our Fortress Europe. We were pursuing topics such as intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, political participation and European citizenship as a common space of life and work of all its citizens and residents, even if they do not reside in the EU as our partners from Macedonia and Turkey, but share the same principles and views on the current crisis, and they are also part of it. Exchange was emphasizing the importance of human relationships and was trying to create a positive attitude towards people who were forced to go on a journey into the unknown and unfriendly Europe. With the method living library all the participants were recognizing refugees and their stories. Beside that they have been sharing 9 days with them throughout the project. Participants were also attending the lecture of Syrian expert, they have visit refugee center, learn there about the work of experts, activists and others. They have carried out activities such as flashmob, role playing, collecting food at the supermarket, participating in a workshop with decision makers and have organized the closing charity concert of music group. Final event was Party4peace.The project was carried out by EPEKA Association, a social enterprise with the partnership of six organizations that came from the following countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. 29 young people have been participating aged 18 to 25 years and among the 17 were young people with fewer opportunities. Activities were implemented with the support of nine youth leaders. The project's aims were - to encourage the participants and to the public that migration is a normal phenomenon in the third millennium, - to learn about concepts such as economic migrant, subsidiary protection, EURODAC and other, - compare illegally and legally resettlement and causes, - get to know the person who have traveled all the way that they are now among us, - to know the differences among EU countries on acceptance of migrants and quata's, - to learn about the Schengen rules, - to address decision makers and start to do actions,- to Non-formally educate young people and to help them acquire key competences. All participants have received a certificate of non-formal education - Youthpass. Project was funded by EU Eramsus+ programme.

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