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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context: Dance is often the target of stigmas and prejudices, by a misinformed society of its value as a cultural movement is often too attached to their roots, not making known worldwide. Being our association linked to dance, and to work with young people and starting from common reflections on the importance of its cultural and social value, given that encompasses in itself the values ​​of solidarity, team spirit, cohesion and respect for others , the idea to organize an exchange with young people to develop the same kind of work, and who share the same ideas. The purpose of this exchange is to use dance as a theme for a group of young people can discuss not only issues related to the importance of culture and ways to preserve it, but is intended also to stimulate debate on issues related to intercultural and European citizenship, with young people who often feel disconnected from Europe, and European values. It is intended thus to foster in young people a spirit of respect for the cultural and social diversity, to develop a critical spirit and intervening in relation to the world around them, so that they can become citizens of the world, open to difference, aware of their paper as Europeans, responsible and autonomous citizens, without fear to face new challenges and new realities. Here will surely leave more enlightened young and attentive, aware of the importance of skills and learning they have acquired during the exchange. Objectives: - To publicize different cultures through dance; - To promote knowledge sharing; - Promote cultural diversity and acceptance of self and other; - To encourage the exchange of experience and traditional knowledge; - Promoting respect for all artistic and cultural events; - Encourage young people to participate in building society; - To promote a critical and creative spirit; - To promote tolerance and acceptance of differences through intercultural dialogue and structured based on artistic expression; - To contribute to the recognition of non-formal education as value methodology, development of soft skills in individuals; - Strengthening the European dimension of the associations involved, and promote sedimentation of the network built partnerships; - Promote the sharing of best practices in the youth field; Number and profile of the participants: 49 participants aged 15 to 30, for which the dance is an important cultural element, and which have reduced multi- cultural experience. Description of activities: a) VAP; b) preparation sessions, which will address learning, Youthpass, the muticulturalidade and will serve to prepare the dances to teach other participants; c) exchange with various activities, based on non-formal education, dance workshops promoted by the participants themselves, reflection on European citizenship and cultural heritage, sharing with the community of European dances; Methodologies to adopt: dance, group dynamics, icebreakers, discussion moments oriented and reflection workshops. Impacts and results: - Young people more self-confident, creative and enterprising, more aware of the world around them and more attentive to cultural issues. - Better able Associations, in their actions in the youth field, and its association management and projects. Long-term benefits: Our expectations for this project, is that young people will participate, can benefit from a unique and enriching experience for their future as European citizens, who may be aware of the learning that will acquire, throughout this exchange in order to become more active young people in society, more entrepreneurs, applying their knowledge in development projects at the local level, particularly with regard to culture or the preservation of cultural elements, and that Europe is seen as a generator opportunities. As the participating organizations, this will certainly be an experience to repeat, here and there the possibility of establishing a new network of contacts, which can translate in the future into new impactful actions, and diversified in the youth field. Still serve as an example to organizations who want to take part in similar projects. There will also be repercussions locally, as people in the community will be able to deal with people of various nationalities, positive experiences of diversity, which will contribute to the dilution of prejudice regarding what is different. In addition young people will lead to their countries all these experiences and learning, which will surely result in another attitude of tolerance and acceptance.



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