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Dance your way
Date du début: 2 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

DANCE YOUR WAY is a youth exchange aiming to bring young people closer to physical activity in an intercultural environment. A considerable part of today’s youth exclude physical activity from their weekly schedule, therefore the effects of sedentarism are more and more present. DANCE YOUR WAY reunites 40 participants from 4 partner countries, given the chance to experience dancing and discover important cultural aspects through it, in 18-26 July 2015. The participants are young people between 16 and 30, who declare themselves to be sedentary and have less than 2 hours of physical activity each week, but are willing to bring a change in their lifestyles. The objectives of the project are: 1) Learning traditional dance techniques from each country, as well as modern (hip hop, street-dance) and social (tango, blues) dance techniques. 2) Promoting traditional culture among participants, and assure assimilation of European culture elements. 3) Promoting a healthy lifestyle among participants, so thay can adopt it at the end of the project. 4) Developing the capacity of teamwork and communication, as well as the creativity of the participants. The main activities which lead to the proposed objectives are: * Information session regarding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle * Modern and social dance learning sessions * Traditional dance learning sessions * Meeting professional young dancers * Preparing choreographies * Dancing flash-mob * Reflection sessions Evaluation of competencies and attitudes acquired Among the methods used are: presentations, films, workshops and demonstrations, ice-braking and group games, treasure hunt, discussions and coaching. The expected results of the project are: 1) Capacitating participants to dance using social, modern and traditional dances 2) Developing the creative spirit and teamwork capacity of the participants 3) Increasing the cultural knowledge of participants 4) Making participants aware of the benefits of healthy lifestyles, and bringing them closer to sport In the long run, we believe that if these results are reached, the impact on the participants is to be noted not only in their knowledge levels, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in their attitude towards participating in physical activities. On the long term, participants will improve their lifestyle and become promoters of sport in their local communities



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