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Dance Your Stress Away!
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Especially in big cities one of the most important reasons which effects human daily life is the stress.Stress is very common and most heard situation which faces everybody. It harms the harmony with enjoyment and forces the capacity. Stress is the answer which comes from organism in uncomfortable situations. When the busy is under stress it can’t give the same reaction to each situation. It means in each good or bad situations the body needs to harmony.We, as a dance group, want to run this project to show the effect of stress which could be understood many years later and how to handle it.As a group which has many experiences about dance activities in early life, we know that one of the best ways to avoid stress and relax, is to integrate activities in social life. The most common social activities are ''Yoga'', ''Art'' and of course ''Dance''. Through leaders from other countries we aim to put more quality to the project and have the followings targets and purposes:1. To avoid stress through Dance2. To avoid stress through Yoga3. To avoid stress through Earth(Art)4. To have cultural exchange5. To destroy the prejudices6. To raise the visibility of Erasmus Plus7. To refuse discrimination, racism and hate other nationalities8. To provide equality of opportunities9. To provide active participation of youngsters10. To give more chances to the youngsters with fewer opportunitiesAge and profile of participants;Our project will be between 16-23 August in Yalova with participants from Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Romania and Portugal. From each country there will be 7 participants, totally 42 participants. We will also include 18 participants with fewer opportunities, 6 leaders, 6 persons who had been at a youth exchange before, 6 dancers and 6 persons whose English level is low. The gender balance of participants will be equal, 21 from each gender.Description of our activities;Everyday there will be Yoga and Dance activities with different periods and these activities will continue whole project long. The Spanish leader will take the responsibility at the activity '' avoiding stress trough earth''. Evenings are reserved for cultural evenings. Everyday there will be icebreakers and team games to bring participants closer to each other at the project. ‘Planting a tree'' and ''Yoga with Volk'' activities will be run in the forest. Participants will be respectful and understanding to each other and themselves, also make effort to destroy the prejudices. To be democratic, all decisions will be made all together. To measure the effects of the project there will be evaluation meetings.The methods will be used;Whole project long the methods under common education methods;Role playing, Applying, learning by doing, active learning, question-answer tactics, team works, ice breakers, presentations, applied educations and example situation methods.Expected effects;to teach participants the harms of stress and how to avoid it, to raise awareness against stress, by making many friends from other countries their prejudices will disappear, to learn how to reduce stress by doing Yoga, Dance and Art, to have cultural exchange with other cultures, to raise awareness at youngsters with fewer opportunities and gender equality.Expected Benefits in long term;to raise the awareness of people, to persuade participants to develop project results and make them professional at Yoga, Dance or Art, to introduce other people with Erasmus Plus, to make them stand against racism and prejudice, to make them participate at other organizations and projects, to develop themselves by knowing themselves, because they will attend at deciding part, their leadership skills will be better.



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