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Dance for your life!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

,,Dance for your life!’’ ,is a bilateral youth exchange which will reunite at Moieciu ,county Brasov,for ten days (31 october-10 november 2015) 40 young people with 4 group leaders,members of “I.R.I.S.” Association from Oltenita,Romania and Romanian Soul- Alma Rumana Association from Valencia,Spain.This represents a continuation of “Change your life!” project which was done through the program “Youth in Action”. In the total number of participants there will be included 16 young people coming from families experiencing economic difficulties. The project wants to provide the adecquate place for the young ones to learn and experiment a healthy lifestyle by interpreting dances.The participants will learn to dance "Sarba",Arcanul from Moldavia","Dance from Banat". Another aims of the project are: discovering traditions and national folklore, involving young people to promote their national values, stimulating their creativity and originality and establishing a cultural dialog between the participants of the two countries. Each group will have a traditional costumes exhibition.They will visit the Popular Art Exposition from Bran Castle and Moieciu village to discover the local traditions and architectural type . The youngsters will organise "Dance for life" Festival with popular dances and artistic moments specific to each country.They will have as guests local authorities,media and other local NGOs. One of the methods particular to non-formal education will be game playing. There will be use "getting to know each other" games, energizing games, ice-breaking and inclusion games but also games through which they can make an evaluation of the activities it this project (“The evaluation abacus”) They will have the opportunity to increase their english language within workshops on “Spanish traditional dances” and “Romanian traditional dances” This “Living library”, a new method used in non-formal education,will stimulate the dialogue between the young ones and will point out their freedom of speaking and judgement. In order to see how much the objectives have been achieved there will be two partial evaluations(reflection on groups) and a final evaluation(questionnaire). The young people will self-assess their acquisitions during the learning process by filling the second part of Youthpass Certificate. Project results will also be available on DVD’s with photos and movies of the participants activities. The associations will gain organizational experience and prestige within their own communities and the project will be an example of good practice and will determine the public authorities and other social factors to involve more in the problems concerning young people. On the long term the collaboration between I.R.I.S.Association and spanish organisation will continue and it will take shape in the editing and implementation of a new project in the year 2016 trough Erasmus+ program.



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