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Daha Yeşil Bir Yarın İçin: İklim Değişikliği İle Mücadele
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Climate Change is one of the biggest environmental problem confronting humanity at present day. Destructive effects of the climate chage not only affect the ecological life but also the economy, energy, ındustrial investments, social life and law related issues at the same time. And it is hard for Turkey, where located in the Mediterenian Landscape (sensible area against the climate change), to keep itself away from this worldwide change or not to deal with this global change. The basic objective of our country within the framework of the "combat with the climate change" is to participate in international activities in accordance with the sustainable development and in the context of diversified responsibility principles and special conditions of Turkey. In this regard as civil society movement we aim at promoting energy efficiency, increasing clean and renewable energy sources, integrating climate change policies with sustainable development goals and making contributions to related projects in order to become a country which offers high quality life standards to its citizens with low-carbon opportunities. In this point our organization and members target to increase its knowledge, experience, awareness and capacity level in the fields of EU Enlargement and Sustainable Development, EU environment Action Programmes, Time and Stess Management, Strategic Planning, SWOT Analyze, team Work, Kaizen, Renewable Energy Resources and Systems, Climate Change Scenarios and EU Grant Funds and Project Cycle Management as means of "erasmus plus" mobility activities which is accepted by one of the most influential methods.



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