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"Да - Младежко европейско начало 2"
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

After a successful youth exchange "Yes - Youth European Start" in 2014 we are highly motivated to carry out the second edition of the project in order to enrich and build on the achieved results. With the realization of the international exchange we have implemented in practice new approaches for forming entrepreneurial mindset and initiative, for development and realization of the youth,made new friendships which we want to maintain and strengthen. We believe that music has the power to unite, to breach barriers and create new perspectives. In the context of our project music is art that will unify the talent and creativity of young people from 9 countries, that will overcome the boundaries of cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic differences and create prospects for development and realization of young artists through newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes through their personal and professional development, established friendships and partnerships, and outlined opportunities for new projects and appearances. Despite the indisputable talent, despite the immense effort and the insuperable desire for success, often young musicians often lack the necessary experience and are not prepared enough for a convincing performance in front of an audience, media, photo and video cameras and that’s a serious problem for their growth and realization oftheir capabilities and potential to acquire the desired success and popularity that every artist dreams of. To achieve their goals and dreams they have to acquire the necessary skills and stage experience for an audience to improve their skills in team work, work with the media and behavior in front of photo and video cameras, to increase their confidence, self-esteem and motivation for development and implementation. With the realization of the project "Yes - Youth European Start 2", we set the main goal to establish a model and put into practice new approaches for acquiring knowledge and skills for successful presentation to the audience, to work with the media, to stimulate motivation of successful development and realization of young people, who are studying or are somehow involved as a hobby with contemporary music, photography and PR. Thus in practice we will consolidate and build upon the results of the first part of the project. All this we will achieve through a process of intercultural and creative knowledge, understanding, dialogue, collaboration and sharing of experiences between young people from 9 European countries, by learning through experience and methods characteristic of non-formal education. In the implementation of creative tasks (music, photo and media) they will put into practice what they have learned from the master classes by working in international teams in a multicultural environment. Together they will create a blog, photo album and video film, with material and photographs from the project activities! Non-formal learning and practical work will help every young artist to improve and develop his skills for successfully stage presence, presentation to the public and media work. Active communication between them will help to improve their communication skills and language skills. The participation of youth in national intercultural evenings, interactive games for familiarization, discussions about topics of everyday life and visit cultural, historical and natural attractions will understand what unite them, they will get familiar with the countries and their cultural traditions, they will appreciate the wealth of cultural diversity in Europe, they will create close friendships, useful partnerships and excellent contacts for further work. We believe that with the implementation and presentation of the results of creative tasks, they will become more responsible, proactive, disciplined and confident in their abilities, they will improve their self-esteem and sense of solidarity, tolerance, empathy and European citizenship. All this will expand their horizons and open up new prospects for future joint projects and appearances! All this is beneficial and crucial for the successful development and implementation! We are convinced that the realization of this project for multilateral exchanges will expand our network of partnerships and show in practice the power of youth mobility, the desire of young people to work together to develop and implement successfully, their confidence about their future in the United Europe as are the priorities and objectives of the ERASMUS + and priorities of the European Year 2015 for development! By participating in this project, we provide a unique chance for 54 young people and 9 youth leaders from 9 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey) to become part of the program "Erasmus +" of EU to promote messages of European Year of Development 2015 and to apply what they have learned in practice, for 10 days in the town Sandanski.



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