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Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design
Date du début: 15 oct. 2012,

The general objective of the project is restructuring the academic system of technical universities in Ukraine according to the standards of EU higher school system and Bologna principles. This project will focus on transferring technologies, knowledge and experience of the EU consortium members to the beneficiary Ukrainian universities.The main project's objective is to create conditions in Ukrainian Technical Universities for the end-to-end 3-cycle teaching of Microsystems Design and Engineering speciality in accordance to the regional labour market needs.The preliminary objective of the project is the adaptation/creation of the courses in Microsystems design, manufacturing and testing. The curriculum development means also to integrate fundamental courses from both mechanical, electrical and computer-aided engineering with emphasis on micro- and nanomechanics, which was recommended in the Euro Training project report (ICT-2007-211806).Taking into account multidisciplinary nature of Microsystem devices, it is used end-to-end 3-cycle teaching methodology: basic entry-level courses should be proposed for undergraduate students (Bachelor level), advanced courses should be conducted for graduate students (Master level) and expert courses must exist for postgraduate students (Doctoral level). It is planned to create one new and modify 5 existing courses for bachelor level, to create 6 and modify 2 courses for master level, and to create 2 new courses for doctoral level. Teaching staff from all 3 universities will be involved in preparing defined courses.The efforts of proposed curriculum will be shifted to design tools and test methodologies: two laboratories with the newest equipment will be installed. Academic and technical personnel will be trained by EU partners for work in these laboratories. 3 Ukrainian companies involved in the project to give graduate students practical Microsystems design experience during Summer Schools and regular work practice.



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