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Current Issues in Education - Early School Leaving
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In recent years, there has been noticed a kind of disdain for school life which leads further on to early school leaving. The 4th High School of Aspropyrgos, located in a highly sensitive environmentally area, welcomes mainly repatriated students, Greek people from Pontus, with particular learning difficulties. The low living and cultural standard of their families is a handicap to these children, not allowing them to try and surpass their learning difficulties, because of which they are often led either to repeat high school years or to leave school.Without proper training, teachers are unable to recognize those cases that are liable to early school leaving or to detect possible reasons. It is also needed to develop methods concerning a different approach toward these students in order to encourage them and enliven their school interest. As a result, the 4th High School of Aspropyrgos is planning to participate with a group of six (06) teachers in the 5days seminar held by the ITC-International Training Center organization on the subject “Current issues in education – early school leaving”. The aim of the seminar is to help teachers enrich their knowledge and become more familiar with theory so as to acquire new skills and new methods of learning. This new approach is going to help students copy with stressful feelings, violent and anti-social behaviour, improving their self-esteem and self-image, while we also hope that the profile of our school is going to ameliorate so that a contact with society can be achieved. A series of activities such as holding a seminar in our school unit, as well as a meeting of a wider appeal in order for the acquired knowledge to be disseminated, are some of the priorities of the participating teachers. Next, a number of articles will be published in educational magazines and sites (alfavita, esos), there will be certain publications and electronic CDs that will be distributed to the regional schools, while our school site, along with the local paper (press releases), will be constantly informed about the activities of the program all way through.Concluding, we hope that students’ interest for the lesson will increase, they will be more willing to participate in the lesson while atmosphere in the classroom will become better as students will become more confident and change their attitude about school, a number of parameters that can drastically reduce the phenomenon of early school leaving. Cooperation among teachers from different educational systems along with the exchange of experience, are helpful as far as the integration of our school within a European network is concerned, so that teachers’ isolated initiatives can be incorporated within a wider spectrum of reference, favourable to information exchange as well as feedback.



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