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Cuprija Caravan 2016
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The program is entitled Ćuprija Caravan 2016, because Ćuprija means “bridge.” Just as a bridge connects two banks of a river, it can also connect different people from various backgrounds. This international gathering will help all the participants to recognize change(s) as an opportunity, to make new experiences of friendship, to remain receptive to new ideas and to respect and appreciate the values of others.Between the 17th of July and the 6th of August 2016, the Luxembourg Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association (LGS), as coordinating organization, Savez izviđača Bosne i Hercegovine (Scout Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Foundation Land of Friendship and Peace – Fondacija Zemlja Prijateljstva I mira, Red Cross Ilidza - Crveni križ from Ilidža, Sadnicem” Seedlings of Peace - Peace Trees from Zavidovici as well as “Ardhmeria Center” from Klina (Kosovo) will organize a joint international work-camp and youth exchange in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Up to 60 younsters and 15 young adult staff leaders from Luxembourg and the different partner organizations from the Western Balkan can participate in the peace education and inter-cultural reconciliation project «Cuprija 2016» hosted by the Foundation “Land for Friendship and Peace” on their horse farm in Kakrinje-Rakovica in the Municipality of Ilidza close to Sarajevo. During this work-camp/youth exchange, all participants work together, irrespective of their religion. Inter-religious and inter-cultural bridges are thereby rebuilt between Moslem's, Orthodox, Catholics, Roma and Jews in Bosnia Herzegovina in general and between the participants of the project in particular. The work and animation program, elaborated by the international staff, enables an exchange across different nationalities, cultures and religions between the local populations and the camp participants of the project. Visits across Bosnia-Herzegowina and some of the neighboring countries are enriching this program. The Cuprija Caravan 2016 Youth Exchange camp has been designed long time in advance in order to intensify the exchange among the campers from Bosnia-and-Herzegovina in particular and from the Western Balkan and Western Europe in general. This global organizational impact aims to rise a high quality level by not only encouraging the internal camp exchange but also and after all the enlarged exchange between the camp community and the Bosnian Society, especially among different Bosnian associations issuing a real inner Bosnian exchange in an international ambiance. This dual approach will be intense in the sense of investment of human resources, energy, time and finance. However we trust in this aimed internal exchange potential among different partners from different Bosnian cities and Kososvo.This element of inner-Bosnian and even international exchange and travel is represented by he inclusion of the "Caravan" in the title and the concept. The "Caravan " is also showing that the program and activities of the youth exchange take place on all former hosting places since 2006 in a ten years development spirit from International Summer Youth & Heritage Camp in Stolac (2006-2010) up to Cuprija Caravan (2013-nowadays) in Rakovica. If "Ten Years of Cuprija" will be the common leitmotive, the Bosnian Scout's slogan "Scouts can do it" is an overall inspiring source for a better future.



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