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"Cultures of Security: New challenges for Europe"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The JM Module “Culturas de Seguridad: Nuevos desafios para Europa” (Cultures of Security: New challenges for Europe) consists of a three year teaching programme (with 11 modules and integrated public lectures) in addition we will publish a book on the topic, give conferences at secundary schools, publish digital material on security and we will prepare the proposal for the creation of a centre for Security Studies at the University of Murcia (UM). The project stems from an understanding of security as multifaceted phenomenon of internal and external aspects which influence Europe and its member states. The theoretical framework of the project is State Form and Life Mode Theory (SFLMT).An interdisciplinary team of young and experienced scholars want to take advantage of its expertise in these areas in order to discuss European perspectives on security with students, professionals from related fields and a wider audience who until now have not been introduced to this European perspective on security - policemen, the military and Criminology students as well as other citizens. The project will explicitely promote teaching experience to young scholars. The module will be hosted at the Centre of European Studies (CEEUM), founded in 2013 at the UM in order to promote the discussion about European issues. The project will be a very important step towards consolidation of European Studies at the UM and in the Region of Murcia. A further indicator of achievement is that the programme will be promoted by agreements with the Faculty of Law and the regional Police-Academy. Negotiations with the Spanish Forces are already in process.