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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since the Maastricht Treaty, the European Union has set as a priority the dissemination and development of culture in Europe. To achieve this goal, it has developed tools that support cultural activities as the Culture Programme, the European Capital of Culture or Directive 89/552/EEC, known as "Television without Frontiers", to take account of technological developments in that sector and the convergence of services and technology. The current economic situation has deeply eroded the cultural sector in our country. Between 2011 and 2012 the spanish collecting has been reduced 2,100 million of euros because the reduction of the budget in cultural investment or the disappearance of public radiotelevision broadcaster. However this sector still employing a total of 832,900 people, 1.0% higher than a year ago, and represents 4.8% of the working population according to the INE. For that reason the political representatives from all sectors have aproved the regeneration of this sector through the creation of new public television. Therefore, culture is an important way for the employability of young people looking to apply their creativity as a job and work in management or creation of cultural and creative industries or projects, as well as an opportunity for economic regeneration and intellectual development of our country. The objective of "Culture in Action: an european youth project of Cultural entrepreneurship" is to create a dialogue between public institutions and political parties with the youth in order to make the young proposal heard and to promote youth employment and self-employment in the cultural and creative sector through innovation and new technologies. Also the knowledge and tools will give to the participants to promote the catalonian language and launch innovative cultural projects based on ICT is endowed. This initiative aims to establish a dialogue with political authorities to make specific political intiatives on the public and private fields. That dialoge between youth, youth workers and political representatives will be in on equal terms and through non-formal methodologies. A propositive exchange but also a learning one to make possible that the young people under 30 years could expand their cultural knowledge, develop their professional profiles in the creative sector (literary, television, radio, musical ...) and start their entrepreneurial projects with an expert advice throughout the process. This project contains three physical exchanges with of three days duration each. The exchanges will make in the city of Valencia and will participate: - More than 50 young entrepreneurs - Highest policy authorities like Members of the European Parliament, candidates for president of the Generalitat and mayors of municipalities - Technical experts in the field of youth and culture. So it will make three meetings with the next specific treats: • YOUTH IN ACTION: MAKING YOUTH CULTURE. The objective of this exchange is sharing of the cultural projects of young entrepreneurs. Through networking, the young people will show their ideas to an experts from many disciplines and political representatives. That ones will explain their expereinces and will advice for the implementation of these projects. • CULTURE IN ACTION: CULTURAL POLICY, CULTURAL INDUSTRY ?. In the second meeting will be explain to the participants the present situation of cultural industries and the political initiatives in the EU. Also it will explain the opportunities that exist to build a new sustainable and effective cultural model. At this meeting, young people will propose their own models and their ideas. All proposals will be discuted and the political authorities will be assessed to put into practice. • FUTURE IN ACTION: CULTURE AND ICTS. On the last meeting, the participants will create ICT and specific applications for the promotion of the projects that has been presented. Projects that have been enhanced with the conclusions and the experts recommendations. Also this excahneg will promote culture and language in our territory. This project will have a great impact not only on the participants themselves (who will see greater potential and more success in their projects), but also in the Valencian society that will regenerate their culture through greater offer and new tools to inform about it. In the long term it is expected that this project will conclude in the implementation of specific initiatives by the Valencian Government based on these meetings.