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Culture et Mobilité Professionnelle
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project aims to improve and develop the cultural dimension related to the professional dimension . We found in our previous projects that the participants have often difficulties to build a bridge between culture and professional training : the training provided by our team to prepare their departure must focus more on building this bridge. We therefore wish to broaden their vision and change the focus of our preparation towards greater integration at the lifestyles , traditions , arts and civilizational aspects . This will expand the scope and effectiveness of their probationary period both on the ground and in the pursuit of their education. We wish as well to offer a better integration for our students with special needs and for our students coming from disavantaged backgrounds. It is then to establish a new dialogue during the project with our participants: 34 they will want to take advantage of their motivation, commitment to professional experience abroad and we must exploit this interest in order to improve trade. It is no longer only to inculcate specific cultural knowledge, but also to consider their expectations, questions , and provide a more personal and human in their professional project goal. So we will leave their views and goals to build and create a concrete communication so we can both maintain their professional training , which remains their primary framework for action , and build bridges to concrete cuturelles intellectual development and better integration . Planned activities will not be decisive , as they could be before, in their pure or their learning content but in their apprehension, the more individual consideration of participants and their accompaniment. This will require the teaching staff of our institution and the educational community to work constantly linked and active communication accompanying each other in the process of wellness, think and act to make a more productive project. We continue : to organize on a regular basis (1 time per month) team meetings and additional meetings if necessary to work together to strengthen the cohesion and maintain the scope of our goals , to share responsibilities and tasks in a structured way to communicate and involve partners and project stakeholders regularly disseminating our progress and remaining attentive to their ideas We add : - Have a mind and includes guide, work in reciprocity , not on unilateral methods It is this model of involvement and management that we wish to highlight to participants in order to rise to the importance of the relationship and exchange between individuals.



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