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Culture et mobilité européenne
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project of the Association CEMEA Centre, entitled "Culture and european mobility", consists of hosting a European volunteer, from Ukrain, for a period of twelve months within the office in Tours, department of Indre-et-Loire (France). This project is part of a global hosting and sending volunteers process of the fifth consecutive year which has a goal to enable the European Youth to live a positive international and intercultural experience. The objectives of hosting these two volunteers are:• Ensure an experience that would be rewarding for the volunteer.• Provide an experience that promotes youth involvement in the local life during volunteering and also after the volunteering.• Ensure an experience that promotes European citizenship of a volunteer and of the whole local community. The activities of the volunteers will be mainly focused on cultural practices. According to CEMEA, „in the field of culture, one of the first goal to achieve is that the individual could move away from his own culture, its tastes and discover what there is in the other culture“. What concerns artistic and cultural practices also equally applies to the relationships between groups of individuals. Education for diversity, dialogue and respect for differences now plays a big part in the practices of CEMEA Centre, especially within the two sectors which are the Cultural Practices and International Relations. Generally, the project consists of discovering and taking part withing these two sectors. This can be more precisely described by the two projects focusing on the organisation of a festival of Educational Movies in one or in more cities in the region Centre (preparing evenings of exchanges and debates concerning a film of the festival), on the organisation of an European youth exchange about cultural practices and music in April 2017. These events would allow to promote active European citizenship of the young people and of the local comunity as well. Apart from these achievements, the volunteer ais invited to discover other activities of the CEMEA Centre and to act within the association, especially in the actions concerning accompanying cultural activities and/or in those related to the international relations. Her experiences and skills that tshe could give to our mouvement will be valued and appreciated. Expected outcomes for the volunteer and for the local comunity are increasing European consciousness and their active European citizenship. At the regional level, the project will allow to educate local and regional actors about European projects, particularly about those facilitating youth mobility in Europe. At national level, it will enhance the educational reflextions of CEMEA on the educational conditions of mobility. At European level, it will help to strengthen our partnerships. In general, at all levels this project acts in favor of the European citizenship and in commitment of people in active citizenship.

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