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Culture and language diversity in Hungary
Date du début: 15 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 14 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Alliance Française’s overall project is to promote access to culture. The working environment of the volunteer will be of collaborative type. As a non-profit organization, we have developed strong relationship at an interpersonal level with all our members and the volunteer will be a full member of this process. On the one hand, the organization is professionalized in all matters involving classes and students, as well as for the preparation of big cultural events. On the other hand, the Alliance Française remains as close to its members as possible, and therefore keeps space for individual initiatives of its members, as the best way to promote initiatives. The volunteer will play an active role in both aspects, supporting the administration in its work and being available for implementation of individual initiatives – including his/her own. Depending on his/her will and motivation, the volunteer will take part in different type of activities: - Welcoming members and students - Organization of activities at the Alliance Française for its members (quizz, board games, conversation workshops, cine club…) - Organization of a yearly calendar of cultural events - Participation in the creation of communication supports (flyers, posters, Facebook posts…) - Participation in the organization of the International Festival of Theater - Participation in the organization of the “Mois de la Francophonie”, a one-month long event to celebrate French language and the culture of french-speaking countries (and participation to the events) - Maintenance and improvement of the self-learning space - Organization of the children’s afternoons and of the children’s summer camp (and participation to these events) - Touring of primary schools and animation of workshops (schools, high-schools, universities) The Alliance Française has been looking for a motivated young person willing to discover another country, its lifestyle and habits, its people and way of thinking. Being in the European Union, the volunteer is expected to show tolerance and curiosity towards differences. The volunteer through his /hercontacts with a wide range of participants will have a long lasting effet as an active EVS volunteer hanging out will the ERASMUS community in Pécs, as a flatmate of Pécs students, as a local event’s organizer working with the different cultural structures, as a member of the AF working team regularly meeting our members, our project activities involve many other participants outside the AF strictly. Those learnings and the process of acquiring them will be registered in the Youthpass which the volunteer will receive at the end of his/her EVS in order to foster his/her acquired competences in completion to his CV. The Youthpass will be progressively worked on, as the service goes.


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