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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project will aim to use Art, Media and Communication and Information technologies to raise awareness of national and European themes particularly addressing the issues of active citizenship, creativity and community participation. Students involved in this project will be aged 15-18 and through various activities they will compare the relevance of cultural heritage to their communities and discover particular national traits to investigate and share differences and similarities, both social and cultural. Classroom curricular activities will be based around topics examining particular social and cultural expressions in different European countries. Students will research about the perception of those expressions by teenagers in their area and look into where and how they get present in their local community and area, and how they are linked to their identity. Students will also investigate their cultural heritage and traditions, look into their particular traits and compare them to those of others to look for similarities. This work will be completed using many different types of shared media -mainly digital presentations and tools-, and disseminated in all partner schools and the wider community. ICT will be used to display and share the research as well as having a focus on media presentations. As we aim at getting the bigger number of students as possible involved, the preparatory phase of each activity preceding student exchanges will be carefully structured, so that they actually cooperate in the process exchanging materials at this preparatory phase, so that they be shown at each participating school and these exhibitions may be the base for work for whole classes - groups in their lessons. The other element of the project will be students visiting partner schools and working collaboratively on a range of activities. They will take part in actual teaching-learning events in each visit, creatively working together to produce crafts and works of artistic expression. They will feedback and present the outcomes that they have learnt. The key point is sharing these tasks and reaching conclusions together examining similarities and differences. Students will work with the Art, History, Civics, IT, Media, and English lessons in schools.



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