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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International Youth Exchange: CULTURBALL project main theme - cross-cultural differences and disagreements between the various ethnicities living in the same country (Polish - Lithuanian , Georgian - Russian , Latvian - Russian) . Essential element of the exchange is non-traditional sports, which will help to discuss and reveal the relationship among young people , tensions, stereotypes and find out how these issues can be solved. By using various sport activities we will try to show how to respect other cultures, deal with them in a respectful way and successfully cooperate for common goals achievement. International Youth Exchange will be held in Lithuania on 14-24th of August, 2014 . The project will involve 30 young people from Lithuania , Poland, Latvia and Georgia . Project objectives: • Eliminate tensions among representatives of different cultures/ ethnicities . Show that people from different ethnical group are not enemies , they are exactly the same people as we are. • To promote communication , understanding and tolerance of people of other ethnicity living in our close environment. Discuss about tolerance and respect for other ethnicity, their language, culture and customs. • To enable young people to develop communication and cooperation skills. • To learn foreign languages. • Break stereotypes. • Change peoples opinions and attitudes towards other ethnicity. We believe that this project will have the strongest impact at local level - increased positiveness and awareness about cultural diversity and diminished misunderstandings, because of cultural differences among project participants. We also expect positive changes in our school and partners environment- that situation will get better. And finally, we hope that this project will help to contribute to the extremely sensitive problem solving( tensions among the Polish and Lithuanian , Latvian , Georgian with Russians decrease) . This is very important as we see from recent happenings and events in the world, how arising conflicts and tensions becomes a part, "invade" in our everyday life.



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