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Cultural Transfer Race Loading in Iceland
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

History has shown that people have always tried to share their cultural differences, experiences and ideas in different environments. These activities usually occur due to art, business and migrations. The main theme of the project "Cultural Transfer Race Loading in Iceland" (CTRL-I) is to create a Cultural Network among four youth groups in different European countries in order to build up an advanced network where young generations will be able to share cultural information in a wide perspective in order to develop awareness of being European citizens for the sake of maintaining better Europe. A diverse groups of youth with different backgrounds, cultures and traditions from the north, east, and west of EU will meet in the municipality of Gardabaer, Iceland, to reflect, discuss and share their cultural differences, similarities and values, not only as EU citizens but also as young people and they will learn that sharing and understanding will make them richer as EU citizens. Thus, the project will help them to build a better EU together. One of the aims will be to promote youth participation in EU elections 2015 and EU active citizenship. The main objectives of the project are to: - Ensure exchange of cultures among young people and to recognize the different cultures. - Create a cultural tolerance among young people and youth to eliminate prejudice to other cultures. - Ensure young people to be respectful to different cultures, religions and lifestyles. - Increase young people's self-esteem. - Get young people to attain trust in themselves so they can take an active role in society. - Encourage young people to understand the importance of foreign languages and multilingualism. - Create awareness of EU citizenship among young people. - Enhance the experience and awareness of European culture for young people. - Integrate disadvantaged young people, youth with social problems, orphaned youth and youth with geographical barriers into the society. - Increase the use of ICT technology among young people. The four youth groups, coming from Iceland, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania, will meet in Gardabaer, Iceland, and with the support of our ITC experts in Turkey the project will exchange their cultural ideas to design and create a multilingual, interactive online platform before the actual activity programme in Iceland will occur, which will include language translation system to prevent language barriers. The platform will be the main dissemination channel in the project for future collaboration within the group and with other interested youth groups in Europe. All together, 53 persons will join the project, including 45 youths and 8 group leaders. Participants will be 15 from Iceland (public school), 15 from Turkey, 15 from Lithuania and 8 persons from Romania. The methodology of the project has three main phases, according to it's objectives: Step1: Start-up and preparation stage before mobility trip to Iceland. Step2: Activity program in Iceland. (Eight days and two travel days) Step3: Forming of mailing groups/e-twinning/website activities and dissemination. The main activities during the mobility visit in Iceland will all be targeted towards cultural events where the youth groups will come together and take part in activities, including: national cousine and prize awareness, language skills, history, music, dances, costumes, traditional games, sporting activities and quiz contest on the different cultures. The CTRL-I project has been conceived to have an overall peer-to-peer educative approach, which will be the most important frame of all the planned activities. These activities of the youth exchange project will contribute to young people in many positive ways, not only as a learning experience at present, but rather as a learning experience in a positive direction throughout life. Apart from using technology/online platform, created within the project as the main dissemination channel, the youth involved in the project has as well thought of the informal training methods in the form of peer-to-peer learning and learning-by-doing methods. Thus the main impact and results in the project will be: • Youth will gain their knowledge of using technological devices effectively by our professional trainers during our meetings. • Youth from different cultures will meet in Iceland to share their cultural experiences while having positive and global communication. • Youth will develop close connection to social, cultural and humanistic issues while becoming enlightened learners. • Our project will help to integrate youths who come from different socio-cultural environment to meet in common ground using technological devices.



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