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Cultural gastronomic particularities: Creation of an identity of the local gastronomic heritage in the region Greece -Italy (GrItCUZINE)
Date du début: 14 mars 2012, Date de fin: 14 mai 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at highlighting the area’s identity emphasizing the cultural and local products, promoting the traditional Mediterranean Gastronomy as a tourist and cultural element in an effort to strengthen local economies, through the following actions: • Recording of common and different gastronomic habits of regions focused on fish and common traditional products; • Documenting the history in terms of nutritional choices throughout the times and highlighting the particular natural and cultural aspects of the regions; • A common gastronomic dictionary, including certain traditional ways of production as well as basic products (utensils, watermills) • An informative video containing cross-border gastronomic particularities (territorial gastronomic path) • Awareness actions (informative materials, spots, campaigns in schools, a gastronomic travelogue in video form, etc.) • Establishing a common quality label for gastronomy to ensure supply of quality service levels within nutrition and dining • Arranging an international food tasting forum in Patras



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